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DCM USB Host OBD II Adapter DCM KWP2000 and CARB IC

DCM AutoScan is a one stop solution, specially designed and developed for the OEMs who are eyeing a competitive edge over others.

The AutoScan provides a complete solution including the application and communication system for connectivity between OBDII port and the control/display device.

AutoScan Options
You can run this tool on standard hand-held device having serial or USB port or wireless communication system. AutoScan provides for wireless connectivity options through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WUSB or GSM/CDMA as per the OEM requirement. Thus, you get the advantage of flexible connectivity.

AutoScan Standards
The communication for AutoScan is supported by CARB and KWP 2000 Protocol, which is based on ISO 14230-4 standard. The diagnostic is loaded on a PIC microcontroller. It can also be made available on other microcontrollers like Enhanced 8051, C167 and so on.

AutoScan Features

  • Hand-Held based tool Serial or USB or Wireless Connectivity
  • Allows reading / clearing the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) from the vehicle-gives the Trouble Code definition along with the Possible Causes and Solutions.
  • Display Current Sensor Data
    • Engine RPM

    • Coolant Temperature

    • Vehicle Speed

    • Air Flow Rate

    • Oxygen Sensor data
  • Allows selecting individual parameters
  • Monitor real-time with line graphs and meters
  • New Scan Codes can be added easily through Hand-held database updates.
  • Read/ Clear Freeze Frame data
  • DTC definition/ description database allows “on demand” search for any particular DTC.
  • Wired and Wireless Versions are available

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