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DCM Technologies is a premier supplier of Design Services and IP’s (Intellectual Property) to the Computing, Communication and automotive industry. DCM has over three decades of experience in embedded software design and product development. DCM quality processes have been assessed at SEI CMM Level 5, which is the highest possible capability achievable under the CMM.

DCM provides a full range of solutions encompassing architecture, design and support activities in the domain of embedded software and hardware to the world’s leading high technology companies. DCM has strategic relationships with technology providers and are members of several technology SIGs, which enable us to deliver end-to-end solutions in the embedded market space.

Embedded services hierarchy is shown below:

DCM Technologies has a wide embedded software expertise. The services include RTOS based multi tasking designs, Single task polling designs, device drivers, Boot Loaders, BSP Development, OS porting, code optimization and so on.

DCM has successfully executed projects around following Microcontrollers.

  • ARM 7 and ARM9
  • Infineon C167 and ST 10
  • Intel X86 and Xscale
  • IBM Power PC
  • Motorola 68K
  • PIC

DCM has expertise in the following Real Time and Embedded Operating Systems

  • VxWorks
  • Nucleus Plus
  • Threadx
  • Embedded Linux
  • Windows CE
  • PALM

DCM has been working on device drivers from last 25 years. The device drivers for following Operating Systems and Devices have been developed and installed.

  OS   Devices
  Windows 2000 and XP   Ethernet/ATM/X.25/Wi-Fi/SCSI/Displays/PCI
  Monta Vista Linux   Ethernet /Wi-Fi/SCSI//PCI
  Red Hat Linux   Ethernet /Wi-Fi/SCSI//PCI
  Gentoo Linux   Ethernet / IIC/Serial
  Windows CE   Bluetooth /CF/PCMCIA/Serial
  PALM   Serial
  VxWorks   Ethernet /Wi-Fi/SCSI//PCI/Wi-MAX
  Nucleus Plus   Ethernet /Wi-Fi/I/Bluetooth/PCI

DCM has developed a number of protocols, which are reusable as components.

Wired Protocols ATM, CAN, Ethernet, iSCSI, KWP 2000
Wireless Protocols Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, Mobile ATM, WUSB (In Progress)

DCM has its RTOS Changer libraries, which facilitate hassle free porting of embedded software from one OS to another. This has been successfully used on number of projects. For example a protocol required on VxWorks can be developed and tested on Linux and then ported onto VxWorks in few weeks time. The RTOS changer libraries support following features

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation (Multiple Pools)
  • Semaphores
  • Mailboxes
  • Message Queues
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Shared Memory
  • Event Handling
Success Stories
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