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DCM is developing CAN-GSM solution in order to provide the remote scan tool for the automotive industry. There are plenty of scan tools available in the market and almost all of them need a wired connection. GSM based Scan tool will provide the added advantage to the technicians as they will be able to diagnose the fault remotely.

The solution is based on a modular design and it can be easily adapted for other wireless technologies like CDMA, WLAN and Bluetooth. Moreover the CAN module can be replaced by other protocols like J1850, KWP 2000 etc.

DCM CAN-GSM Demo Setup

DCM CAN-GSM Demo setup demonstrates viewing / modifying CAN parameters transmitted over a GSM Network. The Solution uses a virtual CAN driver interface for the demo purpose, which can be easily replaced by physical CAN device. GSM is used as the mode of transmitting and receiving data packets. Palm based PDA is used for displaying the data.

DCM CAN-GSM solution broadly consists of the following components: -

  • Scan Tool – for viewing / modifying CAN Parameters on the Palm M130 PDA
  • CAN-GSM Gateway – For GSM based Communication
  • CAN Simulator Interface Application – interface to the CAN hardware Simulator software
    (on windows 2000)

System Architecture

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