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Infiniband Link Layer Solutions (IBLL)

DCM Technologies offers IBLL - InfiniBand Link Layer IP. This IP implements the complete Infiniband Link Layer complaint to Infiniband Architecture Specification Volume 1, Release 1.0a and is flexible enough to be used in Channel Adapters (HCA and TCA), Switches and Routers. It's high performance design can be parameterized in several ways to generate the right slice to meet the Customer's exact requirements. IBLL is developed using Verilog and is available right now in source code and netlist formats.

A comprehensive Verification environment is also available for IBLL. This Verification environment can also be used for the verification of Customer's own Infiniband Link Layer implementations also. The Verification environment comprising of Verilog BFMs can report several Infiniband protocol violations in the Link Layer DUT. The Test cases are built over Infiniband Link Layer test suite by Lamprey Networks, Inc. (http://www.lampreynetworks.com). Also available are, eVC components for verification of Infiniband Link Layer for Verisity tool users.

Infiniband Subnet Management Software – IBFM

DCM Technologies offers the InfiniBand Fabric Management software (IBFM) for both embedded and non-embedded applications. It uses modular and portable software architecture. The Fabric Management Software includes Subnet Manager, General Services Manager, Protocol Analyzer, Configuration tool, Subnet Administrator and APIs for high level applications. The product is primarily targeted to be used as a Fabric Manager to manage the InfiniBand subnet. This could be used on an InfiniBand Switch, Router or Channel Adapter.

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