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Our Product enables remote SCSI storage access from hosts and storage systems no matter where they reside—on Ethernet networks or Fibre Channel SANs

How it works
  • In a system supporting iSCSI , the initiator (an entity on the client machine) connects to an iSCSI server on providing the IP Address of the server machine .
  • The Initiator then issues a session login request. This authenticates initiator’s identity and the iSCSI device names(identifiers for the devices) are enlisted on the initiator’s end .
  • If the session login and authentication process is successful , the initiator can then issue a connection request on providing the iSCSI device name , to connect to a device on the server.
  • Now, any user or software application on the client machine can issue a command to store or retrieve data on a SCSI storage device, as if it was locally connected . The request is processed by the operating system and is converted to one or more SCSI commands that are then passed to our iSCSI client software.
  • The SCSI command and data are encapsulated by representing them as a serial string of bytes proceeded by iSCSI headers called iSCSI PDU’s. These iSCSI PDU’s are then passed to a TCP/IP layer that breaks it into packets suitable for transfer over the network. The packets are sent over the network or the Internet.
  • At the receiving end, our iSCSI Server software recombines the received packets into the original SCSI commands and data and uses the iSCSI headers to send the SCSI control commands and data to the appropriate device, which performs the functions that were requested by the original computer or application.
  • If a request for data has been sent, the data is retrieved from the device, encapsulated and returned to the requesting computer. The entire process is transparent to the user.

DCM’S iSCSI Initiative

Internet SCSI (iSCSI ) is a standard that defines the encapsulation of SCSI packets in TCP and then routing it using IP. It allows block-level storage data to be transported over widely used IP networks, enabling data access virtually from anywhere reachable through internet, effectively eliminating the physical boundaries of the storage network.

DCM iSCSI Software Solution is a high performance, interoperable and versatile storage solution. It allows access to any Storage Server from anywhere in the world. It is an easy to integrate and cost effective solution, which can be conveniently adapted. The iSCSI Storage Solution can be used both in the non-embedded and embedded applications like for iSCSI Host Bus Adapters.

Salient Features

  • iSCSI Protocol Draft 20 compliant.
  • Developed for LINUX Kernel 2.4.18
  • OS Independent Code – can be easily ported to any other operating system.
  • Scatter-Gather I/O support - for enhancing performance
  • Higher Bandwidth – Supports multiple connections for a single Session.
  • CHAP used for authentication between the initiator and the target.
  • Naming and Discovery – Allows identification and configuration of devices
  • Multiple Session support at the initiator and the target
  • Configuration Utility - to Add / Remove iSCSI devices.
  • Protocol Analyzer – A Development and debugging tool that shall prove handy in Interoperability Testing.
  • Portability – For Maximum portability, the iSCSI protocol is implemented in ANSI C.
  • Investment Protection – Works on existing TCP/IP infrastructure.
  • API Library – API Library provided to use iSCSI with a third party application.
  • Basic Product Layers
    • iSCSI Initiator Software
    • iSCSI Target Software

Product Support

DCM Technologies, with its proven skills, provides integration and post-integration services comprising of:

  • Design Documentation
  • Porting & Integration
  • Application Development
  • Interoperability testing with other third party solutions


  • Can be used as a building block in value added applications like Remote Storage with access for multiple iSCSI Initiators.
  • High Performance
    • Supports multiple connections on a Single Session.

    • Scatter Gather I/O support.
  • Modular Design - easily customizable as per needs
  • Authenticated - supports CHAP at initiator and target.
  • Low cost of Implementation - Uses existing TCP/IP infrastructure.

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