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Based on its unit and complete system experience, DCM Technologies is well positioned to provide following testing services to its clients:

Based on its 1.2 million person hours of system testing experience DCM Tech is well positioned to provide system testing including stress and inter-operability testing services to its clients.

DCM Technologies has well defined processes for reviews and testing. DCM has experience of working with several test tools like NUMEGA for code & branch coverage and bounds checking.

DCM has more than 200,000 of person hours of white box unit testing experience for several automotive majors.

DCM Tech has developed a tool to automate the white box unit testing process to increase productivity & reliability and decrease time.

DCM Technologies has developed reusable conformance test suits based on Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) for various protocols and have extensive experience of participation in interoperability events.
Our defect-tracking tool is web-based and clients enter all bugs online into this database for further assignment, correction, and verification and closing. Alternately the client can generate defect report for the off-line closure.

DCM Technologies offers its customers full range of maintenance services. DCM creates client environment at its development center. DCM personnel are trained on clients’ processes and tools. The maintenance services include fixing of source code defects, enhancement of features and providing onsite support to the client’s customers directly.

Success Stories
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